Strategies to Stay on Page 1 with SEO

When many people start a business, or look to get their business online, it can be a really daunting task. Unless you have plenty of online experience, it can seem very confusing and mystical. Once you’ve done the hard work to get on pa1 of the search engines, there are plenty of strategies to stay on page 1 with SEO. Firstly you need to step and think of yourself as the customer. So…as an example, let’s say you sell shower curtains, and you want to start an online store for selling shower curtain in Adelaide.

If you were the customer and were looking for “shower curtains” online, what would you type into a search engine. Here are a few examples:

– shower curtains adelaide

– shower curtain stores

– online shower curtain stores adelaide

– find shower curtains adelaide

It’s very likely that these are the types of phrases or keywords, that a potential customer may use. When they type these in a search engine,up to 90% of the time, they will click on the first 3 results on the first page. Research shows that page 1 of the search term is really the only you want to be to have success. Not only page, but the first 3 results, and the holy grail is of course postion 1 on page 1.

There is plenty of rubbish and quick fix solutions that people try and use, but at the end of the day, quality content that is relevant is what will win out in the long run.

Strategies to Stay on Top of the Search Engines

There is one very easy way to get to the top of the search engines, and that is to pay for it. Most search engines have paid ads that show up next to the actual search results, and now many also have paid results that show up on top of the page.

seo strategiesThese paid ads are purchased on a per click basis, or a per impression (usually 1000) basis. While if you pay enough you can be number 1 on the paid ads, and on top of the search engines, you have to work out if your ROI is worthwhile. If you are selling a $20 product, and you are paying $4 per click to be on the top, you will have to sell one of those items every 5 customers just to break even.

Good SEO is not only cheaper, but sutainable over the long term,, and essentially if you can get on page 1, it is free traffic.

There are a number of metric that will hep you get to page 1 of Google, such as keyword research, link building, and quality content creation. However to stay on page 1, it requires regular optimisation of your site, and this is where user behaviour and experience becomes very important.

The search engines will crawl your site regularly, and they will be measuring how long users stay on your site, how many page they visit, and flow of their click through your site. These determine the overall user experience and will determine if the search engines beleive your site is relevent and authouritive for the keyword the user defines.

Updating your pages regularly with fresh and new content is also extremely important, and create a dynamic efficiency of your website.

In real terms your site needs to be as natural and flowing as would be considered by a reasonable person trying to find something on the internet. You want the user engaged, and using your site for the desired purpose. If the user ends up on your site and doesn’t stay very long, it’s a good chance you don’t have the information they are looking for, and this will be recognised by the search engines.

Remember, after you have put in the hard yards to get on page 1, you need to have plan in place to consistently update and optimize your site to keep it relevant, fresh and unique. Fresh, unique content will win out every time, and in fact the search engines will penalize your site if you use duplicate non unique content.