25 responses on “Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  1. Judith Blakey

    Which Type of Marketing Is Best?

    Before the development of the Internet, marketing a product or a service
    was pretty cut and dry – tv, radio, mail and direct sales. Now that the age
    of Internet has swooped in, the majority of consumers expect a customized
    marketing message with value. So which is it? Is Internet marketing better
    than traditional marketing or vice versa?

  2. Getsocio

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    Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  4. Nazelist

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  7. todayman11

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  8. Complete Outsourcing

    Interesting video. The principles of traditional marketing is still the
    bases of the new other ways of marketing like online. What changes is only
    the tool being used.

  9. Philippine Outsourcer

    Very nice comparison. This really happens nowadays especially that online
    marketing have grown rapidly. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  10. Philippine Outsourcer

    going global, this is exactly the advantage of internet marketing and why
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