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If you have a website or web business more than likely you would of heard the term SEO on numerous occaisons. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”.

adelaide seoFor your website to be visited by real people on the internet, it’s important that you SEO is done correctly. If you want your website to be noticed you need to understand how SEO works. Adelaide SEO is dedicated to acheiving this for our customers to ensure your website or web business is enhanced by our efforts.

There are many aspects and metrics associated with SEO, which include content, file naming, images, video and other on site metrics, and off site metrics to network work your site and or brand around the internet. The more metrics that are in place and correct, the better chance the search engines will direct potential visitos to your site.

A Closer Look:

When someone opens a web browser on their laptop, desktop or mobile device, they generally have something specific in mind they are looking for. You more than likely do it everyday…right? Let’s say someone is looking for an earth moving contractor for some small earth works in their back yard or garden in North Adelaide.

If they type in “earth moving Adelaide”, they will more than likely be presented with a very large list of earth moving contractors in and around Adelaide, and probably the rest of Australia. As the search becomes more specific, the list of pages presented will become smaller. For example, if the searcher was very specific they may type in “small backyard earthmoving contractor north adelaide”. In this instance more than likely only those contractors who can complete that job will present. However even for such a specific term, if the website is not built properly with the correct implementation of SEO, they might not show up on the first page, or even at all.

This is where the attention to details of you web developer or Adelaide SEO expert is important. You don’t want to be on the 2nd page or bottom of the first page. Ideally you want to be number on on the first page.

What do SEO Companies Actually Do?

There is kind of s “stigma” or secrecy attached with SEO companies, and many people who have used their services can be confused at what they actually do. It sometimes seems like all they do press a big red button and the search engine rankings of the site go up. “It’s just a big secret of the SEO world!”

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. For up to date and correct SEO to be implemented, it takes a thourough knowledge of the current internet environment, and then implementing the metrics that are required for a website to perform. This will start with analysis of a current website or building one form scratch, and ensuring the website structure is adequate for both the visitors and search engines. Content mus be clear concise and on topic, and link profiles withtin the website itself, and also to external sources. All this also has to be implemented at the correct time.

Adelaide SEO emphasises that it is a fluid process, meaning work needs to be undertaken regularly  to update and keep the site fresh. We therefore encourage clinets to engage with us regularly after the intital consulatation and work completion to ensure current standards are met.

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