25 responses on “4 Phases of Digital Marketing | online marketing seminar

  1. Angela Morris

    A great video – thanks so much for uploading. Lots of relevant, up-to-date
    online techniques that I’m sure will benefit my business

  2. Mike Claggett

    Excellent no-nonsense overview of the 4 phases David. I have always set you
    a class apart from the “Make Money Online” type of Internet Marketers. So I
    absolutely agree that separating yourself from their ilk by rephrasing your
    logo text to “Digital” marketing to re-brand your training is a very smart
    move. Congratulations on your well done and spot on Semi/Webi/Nar.

  3. 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan

    Thanks Mike – it always concerned me that the phrase “internet marketing”
    was associated with a “make money online scheme” rather than a real
    long-term business. Plus I think the phrase “digital marketing” also
    encompasses things like Kindle Book sand iPad magazines a little better.

  4. Dip Day

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    (just search on Google for it …)? There you will see valuable information
    about the best way to build an income on the internet by filling out simple
    sets of questions. It made it easier for ordinary people to work from the
    comfort of home and then experience economical freedom very fast. Hopefully
    it helps you too.

  5. Ljupche Gjorgjiev

    Listen. Awesome video! But hands down the best way to make money online is
    with Bankroll Blogging Book. Just google it. Don’t miss out.

  6. Anwar Jahid

    Awesome strategy, real shame I can’t hear the audio properly! My dad has
    been paying bills with Crib Cash Generator (Google it). I generated $765 in
    the last 12 hours haha.

  7. Shirley Li

    Hi David, thanks for this awesome Video Seminar! I got loads of information
    from it and I hope you are one of my professors:) Very helpful framework, I
    will try to conduct it in my work. Hope to learn more from you.

  8. Harshana Jayanetti

    I really appreciate the content on this presentation. It is informative and
    plenty to learn when running own online business. Thank you. +Harshana

  9. TechT1999

    Hell David, I just found you overview. Wow!!! Great webinar with lots of
    content. I have watched a lot of videos here on YouTube for online
    marketing and your is one of the best ones that I have watched thus far.
    Thanks again.

  10. Upul Abeyrathna

    Hi hi! Have you heard about – Tobanna Incredible List Wizard (should be on
    google have a look)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my
    auntie made amazing money with it.

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